Thermal Tape & Adhesive

Adhesive film with two-sided adhesive combined with thermal transmission properties based on acrylic resin, PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive). Dual cure technology ensures greater adhesion over time after application. It is ideal to improve the wetting between rough surfaces allowing the conformation of the surface ensuring a good anchoring and excellent thermal transmission.

  • Product specifications

    Thermal Conductivity Excellent
    Strength Bonding High
    Resistance to High Temperatures Yes
    Presice Positioning Yes
    Customization Yes
    Breakdown Voltage 20KV/mm
  • Product specifications

    Mechanical Adhesion High
    Thermal Conductivity 1,2 W/mK
    Thermal Resistance 0,097
    Brake down voltage V(AC) ≥0,3/≥0,5 kV
    Electronic Applications Ideal
    Performance agains Vibrations Excellent
    Improves wetting of rough surfaces and reduces air cavities.

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