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Aismalibar experts in thermal management - The expansion of technology into every aspect of our lives requires proper thermal management of integrated electronic components to achieve higher performance and efficiency. These days, industry, as is the case with the automotive sector, is promoting electronic solutions while abandoning mechanical ones. At Aismalibar, we are experts in thermal solutions of electronic circuits. Our goal is to reduce the operating temperature of electronic components, thereby prolonging their useful life and optimizing their performance. Using our materials ensures the quality and reliability of products that incorporate them. Furthermore, our materials minimize the use of supplementary fans or heat sinks, thus reducing production costs.

Global service

At our production plant in Barcelona – a strategic technological hub – we develop, manufacture and market the latest advances in laminates for the production of printed circuit boards in order to offer our customers a global and personalized service, guaranteed through our subsidiaries in Germany, China, Taiwan, the United States and Canada.

Aismalibar has also consolidate its presence in the Asian market through the new production plant located in the city of Kunshan Suzhou, China. The new Suzhou plant has a production capacity of 720.000 m2 of IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) and 4 million m2 of Pre Preg without fabric. We already have Commercial Subsidiaries in China and Taiwan.

At Aismalibar, engineers and chemists work alongside the sales department developing new proposals for a market in a constant state of evolution. Our production capacity increases every year, and we tenaciously persevere in the search for the most productive alliances between our customers, government as well as academic institutions.

Research, development and innovation

At Aismalibar, the innovation cycle is always ongoing. This dedication commitment by the company is achieved through our own R+D+I, which is fully involved in all manufacturing and marketing processes. To this end, we have a department whose laboratory is fitted with the latest-generation equipment such as TMA, DSC, TGA, GC, SEM and PSA.

This creativity is reflected in our continuous introduction of technological innovations into the global marketplace. Aismalibar’s involvement in its industrial environment has made it an unquestionable European leader, and many of our products are recognized as the very best available today. Your needs are our challenges.


The products of a leading manufacturer such as Aismalibar are utilized in a variety of different areas and environments. Aismalibar manufactures its PCB laminates for the electronics sector and its markets: LED lighting, telecommunications, the automotive sector, renewable energies, home appliances, railway transport, aerospace research and energy storage and industrial management.

The objective of the company is to provide you with the best experience through the efficiency our products, always striving to fully guarantee our business response capacity. We are more than just a partner. We ensure a guarantee of reliability and service in electronics.


Our Montcada i Reixac plant is capable of producing half a million square meters of Cobrithem and almost one million square meters of Thermal Pre Peg. Our plant in China has a production capacity of two million square meters of CEM1 Cobrisol. In addition, at Aismalibar we have preserved the modernizing spirit of the company’s founder. It is for this reason that our capital investment portion has combined capital flow between the R+D+I department and constant modernization of our production plant.

Since 2009 all of our insulated metal substrates (IMS) have been ISO/TS 16949: 2009 certified. We have also secured UL certification, among others, for the entire Aismalibar product range.

Walter L. Ankli founded Aismalibar in 1934. Soon after, production began on his flagship product, the copper clad wire, eventually making Aismalibar the largest European company in the sector and an internationally renowned brand.

In 1958, long before the technological revolution, Aismalibar began producing copper clad laminates for printed circuit boards. In 1965 Aismalibar opened its copper laminate plant for the production of XPC, FR2 and FR4. In today’s modern and digitized world, our IMS/CCL metal-based laminates are essential components of the electronics industry, where our base materials are integrated into electronic products.

In 2011 Aismalibar became part of Benmayor S.A. The combination of knowledge and structure has enabled Aismalibar to become the sole European manufacturer specializing in thermal clad insulated metal substrate (IMS). Our laminates provide exceptional thermal management. We are pioneers, both highly creative and very competitive.

Our customers are companies from different areas and sectors, yet they have one important thing in common: the need for top-level thermal management, powered by Aismalibar. These are some of them.

Aismalibar Suzhou

Aismalibar has also consolidate its presence in the Asian market through the new production plant located in the city of Kunshan Suzhou, China. This plant is an adding to the commercial subsidiaries in China and Taiwan. The new Suzhou plant has a production capacity of 720.000 m2 of IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) and 4 million m2 of Pre Preg without fabric.

The new plant is 5,000 m2 factory and has 4 high pressure presses with 10 openings, 2 cold presses with 10 openings and 2 resin impregnation lines for the manufacture of Pre Preg without fabric and impregnation over copper. There is also a plant for the manufacturing of resins. In the first stage, Aismalibar Suzhou will have 50 employees.

More than another phase of growth, the new Aismalibar plant allows for strategic positioning in the Asian market, as well as in the global market of electronics and thermal management. With the new Kunshan Suzhou plant and other subsidiaries throughout Asia, Aismalibar will be able to meet the demand of OEMs in this region both quickly and efficiently.

Suzhou, an industrial and technological hub

The city of Suzhou is located a few kilometers from Shanghai, the capital of the Chinese industry and economy. As a result of this proximity, Suzhou has transformed into an industrial hub where companies in advanced industrial sectors such as biotechnology or information technology have established themselves.

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