Thermal Dissipation in Wide-bandgap Power Semiconductors

At Aismalibar, we initiated a collaborative effort with the TIEG Research Group to conduct a study aimed at integrating Power Converters into printed circuit boards (PCBs) and optimizing their electronic design. As part of this partnership, we explored various base materials for PCBs.
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At Aismalibar we know that the best way to innovate is to collaborate with experts who contribute their knowledge to come up with solutions that bring improvements to the real needs of the sector.
Traditional printed circuit boards (PCBs) commonly employ FR4 as an insulating material. While FR4 is widely used due to its electrical insulation properties, it exhibits a relatively low thermal conductivity, necessitating a significant number of thermal vias to effectively dissipate heat. However, experimental results have demonstrated that our new materials surpass FR4 in terms of thermal conductivity, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for thermal vias altogether.
Aismalibar works with cutting-edge materials with a higher thermal conductivity than FR4. Therefore, replacing FR4 with these materials allows building PCBs able to dissipate the heat much better.

Innovative PCB Structures

Eliminating the need for thermal vias leaves more free space in the PCB layers. Hence, the design can be optimized, and the electromagnetic compatibility may be greatly improved.
To assess the effectiveness of our new materials in different scenarios, we conducted a study involving the construction of a power converter using both FR4 and the new materials. We evaluated the performance of the power converter in two scenarios: without thermal vias and with a few thermal vias.

12% Temperature reduction using
Aismalibar Cobritherm Thin Lam 3,2W 
vs Standar FR4 with Thermal Vias.

Why use Aismalibar Cobritherm Thin Lam?

•  PCBs do not need thermal vias to be effective.
•  Lighter design: more free space in the PCB.
•  Better electromagnetic compatibility.
•  Smaller heatsinks.
•  Lower temperatures in the components.
•  Better heat dissipation: cooler transistors.

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