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Radiofrequency waves allow short and long-term wireless communication between devices. Today, data flow between devices is enormous, and the potential for growth is exponential. This way of sending and receiving data gives us unlimited mobility, making it possible to travel and work with all the resources we need at hand while having access to all available information in real time.
One of the major milestones in telecommunications equipment design is being able to guarantee that these devices will not overheat.
Our products are specifically designed to solve your thermal management problems.

Base Station

Without high-frequency base stations and their repetition systems, the telecommunications model in which we are currently immersed would not be viable. Today, in an excessively and over-occupied radio spectrum, emitted signal quality and data management are unquestionable requirements. More importantly, security and the immediacy that users demand also must be addressed. IMS laminates are extremely compatible with base stations, thus guaranteeing the thermal stability of the model. At Aismalibar, we have an extensive range of solutions for manufacturing your devices.