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Power and Industrial Automation

In the advanced manufacturing processes of Industry 4.0, intense automation through robotics will make power intensity one of the most sought-after applications in industrial processes.
Its implementation in manufacturing systems, production plants and energy distribution, and its later storage and distribution from public entities to the general public, make it a vital process in smart manufacturing.
Thermal control and management to prevent heat production and performance loss are fundamental components in every aspect of the production process. Aismalibar’s range of specialized products guarantees proper temperature management and ensures the degree of solidity and efficiency needed to make the leap towards the industry of the future.

Inverters and Power Converters

Inverters and power converters are used extensively in industrial environments. Their function is to convert alternate current into direct current as well as to alter voltage. This control and regulation of power flow is achieved through different mechanisms that require circuits capable of supporting high intensities and, consequently, excellent management of their working temperatures.

Welding Industry

Aismalibar IMS laminates play a crucial role in welding industry systems such as TIG, GTAW and MIG. All of these systems require managing high electric intensities, and in the case of robotic systems for extended time periods and cycles too. Through the combination of different thermal management-related products in our portfolio, excess temperature can be channeled to heat sinks and other cooling systems, thereby guaranteeing the electrical insulation of ground-based components.