IMS - Metal Clad

Our insulated metal substrate features a thick aluminum-based core, coated with ED copper foil, to provide excellent thermal dissipation and electrical insulation. With our specially developed polymer-ceramic formulation, we guarantee superior thermal conductivity, dielectric strength, and thermal endurance. Aismalibar's Insulated Metal Substrates integrates heat dissipation into standard PCB procedures, eliminating the need for additional components and facilitating SMD assembly processes.

  • Fastherm


    FASTHERM is a new technology we developed to achieve a faster thermal transition from the LED thermal pad into the heat sink. This superior thermal transition can be achieved by using the entire COBRITHERM HTC product range with either a copper or copper / aluminum base. At AISMALIBAR we created a special laminate with a bimetal heat sink made with a thin layer of copper cladded onto an aluminum base. The aluminum layer possesses diffusive properties while the copper layer has a very thin dielectric for improving horizontal thermal dissipation. The bimetal also allows for solderability in surface mounting applications.

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