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Home apliances

During the 1950s, home appliances revolutionized the way we live. Those first mechanical devices have become what we now know as the ‘Internet of Things’, ever more intelligent home appliances that can be connected to other devices that accompany us every day. The reliability, durability and functioning of such appliances depend on their thermal and dielectric stability.
The control sensors in these devices, and the devices themselves, contain circuit boards that Aismalibar equips with base materials, which we manufacture and distribute worldwide, guaranteeing the optimum experience of all their users.

White and Brown Goods

The percentage of white and brown good household appliances in our homes is growing. Indeed, these appliances are commonly found in every room. From a latest-generation refrigerator to advanced televisions, computers, tablets and devices we use to the control the temperature in our homes, all appliances require increasingly complex electronic circuits that support a wide range of functions. Our engineers — in conjunction with the Aismalibar sales department — will advise and assist you in developing the best thermal management alternative to enhance performance and guarantee the quality of your products.

Consumer Electronics

Our electronic devices have become increasingly sophisticated. We use them to perform functions that were once inconceivable in such small objects. Some applications that have not been designed yet will convert our smartphones into effective work tools as well as leisure centers. Their vulnerability and extremely small size, in relation to their high performance, mean that their developers must make provisions for thermal management to ensure their strength and reliability. Aismalibar products are the best solution to meet market demands: smaller, more powerful and more economical.