When it comes to complex boards with dense circuitry, the demand for multilayer PCBs is frequently requested. These PCBs, composed of multiple layers, enable enhanced functionality and improved connectivity. At Aismalibar, we provide a range of diverse substrates that can be combined to create customized solutions specifically developed for your electronic designs. This allows us to offer unique and optimized solutions to meet specific requirements.

  • Thin Lam

    Thin Lam

    THIN LAM is a thin laminate designed for high thermal dissipation applications, with thermal conductivity ranging between 2.2 and 3.2 W/mK. This laminate can be bent after component insertion in order to achieve three-dimensional shapes with the PCB board. THIN LAM is the ideal replacement for FR4 thin laminates when thermal release is required. Double side Cu-clad thin laminate is built on the basis of thermal conductive polymeric-ceramic glass reinforced prepreg. It is mainly intended to produce double side PCB, for later bonding to a metal heat spreader by means of one sheet of B-stage.

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  • AL+Primer


    AL PRIMER is the solution to achieve a multilayer product with high thermal dissipation in the most suitable way. It consists of a metal base covered by one of its faces with a resin specially designed to have a good compatibility with the prepreg, fluidity for the coating of tracks and a large thermal transmission. The thickness of the primer is available in two different layers, to be molded to the different copper layers. Our B-stage prepreg is recommended for greater compatibility and improvement of the quality and performance of the final product.

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