Copper Clad Laminates

Copper clad laminates consist of a central layer of prepreg sandwiched between two thin layers of copper foil. The lamination process involves subjecting one or more layers of copper and prepreg to high heat, pressure, and vacuum conditions, effectively bonding them together. This results in a robust composite material that combines the electrical conductivity of copper with the insulating properties of prepreg.

  • Cobrisol 714

    Cobrisol 714

    COBRISOL is one of the most famous CCL brands, specializing in CEM1 and Thick Copper. Aismalibar was the first company in the world to launch CEM1-714 and lead-free products, complying with RoHS regulations. COBRISOL THICK COPPER is available with 200 and 400 micron RA copper. Our unique technology uses RA copper instead of ED copper, allowing for a lower price and excellent technical performance. This technology also reduces the hardness in the copper while keeping it soft and flexible for punching and bending.

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  • FR4-FR95


    With a combination of our well-known THICK COPPER technology we are able to offer FR4 THICK COPPER from 105 to 400 microns always with RA copper. All our FR4 are UL, lead free, VDE and CE approved.

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