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Solar and Wind

The survival of the planet depends on our ability to harness clean energy. The increase in installation of wind and solar systems has become a race against the clock towards excellence, seeking the highest profitability through the efficiency of the model.
In both cases the crux of the matter rests in the conversion of the generated energy, given that it flows and is conditioned through electronic transistors and later fed into the grid. These converters are made up of groups of IGBT insulated transistor gates, in which managing power surges is crucial. Our mission is to lower the temperature of the parts by keeping their electric insulation intact to guarantee functionality.

Power Converters

Photovoltaic energy inverters and converters introduce harnessed energy onto the grid. For this to occur, the energy needs to be transformed in two respects: voltage and frequency. Minimizing energy loss in this equipment is decisive for the production of high quality electricity. Wind turbines have increased in strength, and today they are commonly found in harsh natural environments where their components are at the mercy of the elements. Salt and moisture are factors to consider when designing converters, particularly in the case of transistors. Our laminates preserve the reliability and stability of these mechanisms, reducing the stress caused by the power they generate.