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Railway and Aerospace

In the area of rail transport, converters are often used in a great number of tasks: in the machine drive or in power sources during the journey, in transformers and in substations. Consequently, ensuring a constant energy flow is essential to guaranteeing the reliability of the service.
Converters are also crucial in aerospace research and in its civilian applications. There is no room for error in space. Conditions of high radiation to which thermal fluctuations are added demand major solutions where safety is simply non-negotiable. Our thermal management substrates will guarantee the reliability of your objectives. The Aismalibar R+D team is ready to work together with your company.


The reliability and efficiency of electronic components on railway lines and in aerospace operating environments must be a priority. For the former, passenger transport has to guarantee the service, where passenger safety is of prime importance. Meanwhile, any electronic problem in the latter could result in the failure to achieve the objectives sought during the mission. You can trust the Aismalibar team to design and meet your thermal management needs.