Cobritherm Ultrathin

COBRITHERM ULTRATHIN is a metal clad with high thermal conductivity specifically designed for high power applications, AC-DC power converters, motor drivers, and high-power LEDs with a wattage exceeding 2W. The demand for improved dissipation rates and elevated working temperatures is rapidly growing. In response to this demand, we have developed a new iteration of COBRITHERM featuring an innovative ultra-thin dielectric layer. This advancement allows for heightened thermal performance and exceptional working temperature capabilities. With a mere thickness of 35 microns, this cutting-edge product significantly reduces thermal resistance to just 0.11 Kcm²/W (0.017 Kin²/W), thereby creating optimal thermal dissipation conditions for high power LED assemblies. By incorporating COBRITHERM ULTRATHIN into your designs, you can effectively manage heat and enhance the overall performance and reliability of your high-power electronic applications.

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