Aismalibar and Technosystem at Productronica from 14th to 17th November 2023

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As the only exhibition of this kind, Productronica showcases the entire value chain in electronics manufacturing – from technologies and components to software and services. Over 45,000 professionals attended the conference in 2021 and it continues to grow each year.

After successful participation at Productronica 2021, Aismalibar will attend the Munich event and showcase its latest developments in IMS laminates, Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) and a range of automation for the production of PCBs from the Technosystem brand.

Aismalibar will be in Booth 3.330 (see map) and will exhibit machinery from the Technosystem catalogue, a brand of The Benmayor Group that develops technology and machinery for the production of PCBs. Aismalibar will also present its new range of loaders, unloaders and robots for the production of printed circuits. We will be presenting our brand-new MILLENIUM V4 Loader for Inner Layer Preparation and our MILLENIUM V4 AGV.

Additionally, Aismalibar will present Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs), which have been designed to improve dielectric isolation and fast thermal transmission in battery assemblies, taking into consideration cost reduction, lifetime performance, safety, and reliability.

Our Thermal Interface Materials are divided into two main areas, differentiated based on whether they need dielectric capacity. Dielectric requirement is determined by the electronic device, its operating voltage, and the applicable regulations regarding ground insulation. Additionally, Aismalibar has developed a series of applicable surfaces on the TIMs, differentiated by whether they need to be self-adhesive. Both surfaces serve, in turn, to reduce the air cavities that exist between the surfaces of the TIMs and the heatsinks or electronic components.

COPPERFILLER and BOND SHEET CURED offer a high-performance alternative solution to current thermal pastes or pads. The new COBRITHERM ALP is made from an aluminum base that is dielectrically insulated, designed to build structures, covers, partitions or radiators, among other solutions. It is completely insulated and guarantees excellent contact between the battery and dissipation elements.

Finally, Aismalibar will present Insulated Metal Substrates (IMS). IMS METAL CLAD Is a thick aluminum-based substrate, cladded in ED copper foil, designed for an effective thermal dissipation and high electrical insulation. Our proprietary formulated polymer-ceramic ensures high thermal conductivity, dielectric strength, and thermal endurance. AISMALIBAR’s Insulated Metal Substrates allow processing by standard PCBs procedures, integrating heat dissipation with no need for extra components and SMD assembly process.

COBRITHERM ULTRATHIN 5W/mK and 8W/mK - TG180ºC - 150ºC MOT is an insulated metal substrate (IMS) based on an aluminum cladding with an ED copper sheet on the opposite side, containing an innovative 75-micron ultra-thin polymer-ceramic dielectric layer of its own formulation, offering industry-leading thermal conductivity and high dielectric strength. It also offers strong MOT, High Tg and Low CTE values, which are the key elements for performance of the MPCB operating at high temperatures.

The Thermal Multilayer product range will be presented, as well as products for the development of multilayer PCBs that can be combined to customize solutions for complex electronic designs and applications. THIN LAM and BOND SHEET can be used in standard multilayer lamination processes to improve resistance to thermal shocks, conductivity and thermal dissipation.

The new THIN LAM and BOND SHEETS of 3.2W have been developed to reduce thermal resistance. A MOT of 150ºC, high Tg values of 180ºC and Low CTE below 1.8% (50 to 250ºC) considerably improves overall thermal efficiency. We are excited to exhibit our newest Cobritherm Pre Preg Glass Free product, with high thermal conductivity of 5W/mK and 8W/mK. More information will be made available at the show.


Founded in 1934 and based in Barcelona, Spain, Aismalibar manufactures high end Copper and Metal Clad Laminates and Thermal Interface Materials.  Aismalibar’s expertise lies in offering the best solutions to reduce the operational temperature of Printed Circuit Boards and their components, ensuring both quality and reliability. At the production plant in Barcelona – a strategic technological hub – Aismalibar develops, manufactures, and markets the latest advances in laminates for the production of printed circuit boards in order to offer customers a global and personalized service guaranteed through their global subsidiaries.

Aismalibar's goal is to reduce the operating temperature of electronic components, thereby prolonging their operating life and optimizing performance. Furthermore, the materials minimize the use of supplementary fans or heat sinks, thus reducing production costs. Since 2009 all the insulated metal substrates (IMS) have been ISO/TS 16949: 2009 certified, RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free.  All materials have secured UL certification, among others, for the entire Aismalibar product range.

Aismalibar products are utilized in a variety of different technology market segments such as LED lighting, telecommunications, automotive, renewable energies, home appliances, railway transport, aerospace, energy storage and industrial management systems. The company has evolved to become an unquestionable global leader.  Aismalibar is committed to ensuring a guarantee of reliability and service in electronics.