COPPERFILLER is a TIM developed by Aismalibar designed to eliminate the need to apply thermal paste on the surfaces to be dissipated. It is composed of three layers, the two external ones are responsible for filling the air cavities between the radiators and the components, eliminating the need for thermal paste and a central layer of 30 micron copper designed to distribute the temperature more efficient both in Z axis and in X, Y.

  • Product specifications

    Dielectric Layer Ultra-thin Copper
    Dielectric Strength High
    Thermal Conductivity 4 W/mK
    Thermal Resistance 0,039 K/W
    Brake-down Voltage V(AC) ≥0,2
    Filler Type Ceramic
    One/Two Sides Air gap filling capacity at 35-40ºC
    Pick and place automation Ideal

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