Aismalibar to exhibit at 2018 Electronica

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AISMALIBAR will return to Munich this November (13th-16th) for the 2018 Electronica trade fair and conference. AISMALIBAR to proudly launch two new products COBRITHERM ULTRA THIN 4W and COBRITHERM 3.2W THIN LAM and BONDSHEETS.

COBRITHERM ULTRA THIN 4W was developed to achieve high thermal conductivity, a Tg of 180ºC by TMA and an 150ºC MOT.  The Ultra Thin 4W CTE Z axis is under 1.8% from 50 to 250ºC.  Industry leading Thermal conductivity, strong MOT values, High Tg and Low CTE are the key elements for performance of MPCBs operating at high temperatures.  AISMALIBAR ULTRA THIN 4W will be available for mass production beginning in November 2018.

As thermal management becomes more challenging on multilayer PCBs, AISMALIBAR has developed a new technology capable of significantly reducing the operating temperature of the PCBA. The new Cobritherm 3.2W THIN LAM and BOND SHEETS have been developed to reduce thermal resistance on multilayer PCBs. The 150ºC MOT, high Tg value (180º),  3.2W thermal conductivity and Low CTE value under 1.8% ( 50 to 250 ºc) enhances the overall thermal performance.  COBRITHERM 3.2W THIN LAM and BOND SHEETS will be available for all types of multilayer constructions and can be cladded to standard FR4 or solid metal cores.

We look forward to your visit at Hall B1 Booth 365