3 out of 4 lighting systems will be LED in 2020

The lighting market recognizes the efficiency of LED systems, which are already present in sectors such as automotive, urban and architectural lighting or industrial environments.

LED technology has revolutionized the lighting sector and has replaced more conventional light sources such as incandescent, halogen or discharge lamps. The automotive and lighting industries have opted to research and develop solutions that have increased their performance and have allowed LED to be a technology with the capacity to adapt to all types of circumstances and users.

According to the statistics of the Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers (ANFALUM), LED technology has grown exponentially to cover more than 60% of the share of the Spanish market. If the growth rate is sustained, by 2020 three out of four lighting systems will be LED.

However, the LED presents a problem: its efficiency is very sensitive to the increase in temperature. One of the best solutions offered by the market has been created by Aismalibar: laminated substrates that manage high temperatures and, therefore, improve the performance and lengthen the life of LED, while cheaper production costs because allow to avoid the installation of fans or heat sinks. Aismalibar's solutions put technology at the service of people and the planet, since they turn LED into an even more sustainable source of light.

Aismalibar specializes in the thermal management of electronic circuits for LED. Our materials reduce the temperature, extend the life of the products and improve their performance.


The efficiency of LED technology has crossed borders and has established itself in markets such as:

Automotive. We are experiencing a revolution in the automotive industry thanks to the application of electronic systems. Aismalibar products ensure excellent temperature management of highly electrified models, where the efficiency of all systems and components is unquestionable.

LED technology offers creative freedom to designers. Our laminates are specifically designed to withstand the high intensity of concentrated light in the limited area. We guarantee the reliability of the system through excellent thermal management.

Lighting. LED has become the most efficient luminescent electric model. The efficiency of the system depends on the ability to maintain the light source with the lowest possible temperature. With the help of Aismalibar's products, the excess temperature can be managed and dissipated, thus guaranteeing the quality of the light and the reliability of all its LED products.

Currently, LED is the most demanded light source in areas such as urban lighting, architecture, stadiums and sports facilities, industrial environments and even in interior decoration.

Aismalibar offers a wide range of materials made to ensure maximum performance thanks to its excellent thermal management.

Cobritherm is a highly thermally conductive insulated metal substrate (IMS), composed of a base coat of aluminum or copper with a copper sheet applied on the opposite side. It has an insulating layer of epoxy resin with a high percentage of inorganic content, which allows the material to achieve excellent thermal conductivity. The material can be produced in various variants, ranging from very thin layers - up to only 35 microns - to guarantee a excellent thermal impedance, and reach up to 130 microns, which allows to withstand high insulation between conductive metal layers.

Cobritherm Ultrathin integrates an innovative ultra-thin dielectric layer, which offers improved thermal performance and an excellent working temperature. The new COBRITHERM ULTRA THIN 4W Tg of 180ºC and a MOT of 150ºC offers a thermal conductivity leader in the industry, strong values of MOT, High Tg and Low CTE, which are the key elements for the performance of the MPCB that operate at high temperatures.

Fastherm is a new technology developed to achieve a faster thermal transition from the LED thermal pad into the heat sink. AISMALIBAR has created a special laminate with a bimetal heat sink made with a thin layer of copper cladded onto an aluminum base. By using FASTHERM technology, LEDs operate at 30 to 50ºC lower in temperature due to the direct thermal transition from the thermal pad to the heat sink. FASTHERM technology provides a very accurate and precise depth control to open the thermal pad footprint.

Flextherm is a high-tech metal substrate thermally insulated for use in the production of shaped metal printed circuit boards that can be bent without damaging the initial dielectric strength between the conductive layers. Its low thermal impedance allows the dissipation of temperature of the heat generating components of a PCB in the FLEXTHERM metal core at an extraordinarily high speed.

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