Webinar: Lab tests to ensure the quality of IMS Laminates with American Standard Circuits.

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American Standard Circuits has organized a series of webinars where several experts in PCBs will present interesting current topics in the sector. The expansion of technology into every aspect of our lives requires proper thermal management of integrated electronic components to achieve higher performance and efficiency.

Aismalibar has a complete range of IMS that allow engineers and designers to create solutions that eliminate excess temperature in their circuits, improving performance and useful life.

Eduardo Benmayor, CEO of Aismalibar, will talk to us about the laboratory tests that are carried out for the quality control of IMS laminates, to ensure their reliability and properties when they are transformed into metal PCBs.

In this webinar we will show the various laboratory tests performed on laminates to check their electrical properties, as well as their durability and aging, both in rigid and conformable laminates, as well as in various IMPCB constructions and structures.