Automotive Lighting

Smart lighting systems require flawless coordination between LED technology and the other components that the system manages and hosts.
Indoor and outdoor lighting formulas demand rigorous thermal management in order to allow automated control through systems that regulate intensity, thereby preserving the reliability and durability of the model. The products we develop and manufacture at Aismalibar provide the ideal support for the best thermal and lighting management in the automotive industry.

LED technology offers creative freedom to designers and the substrates where these light sources, adapted to different shapes and highly compact sizes, are incorporated. Exterior lighting system inefficiencies in cars during driving can potentially have tragic consequences. Our laminates are specifically designed and manufactured to support high light intensity concentrated in a limited area, and we are able to guarantee the reliability of the system. Through exceptional thermal management and

As technology evolves, dashboards have become increasingly populated, turning them into control panels that provide us with vital information. Interior lighting is an element that must coexist with others and meet the demands required of it. All of these systems, including rear lights and signal lights, will be more efficient and remain stable thanks to proper thermal management.

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