Aismalibar and American Standard Circuits Confirm IST Thermal Testing of HTC 3.2w High Tg Multilayer Thermal Conductive Material

Aismalibar HTC 3.2w High Tg Thermal Conductive Material is the best material currently on the market. In order to demonstrate that, together with two of our trusted customer partners, we passed it through very rigorous thermal cycling testing.

In this article we will firstly share the method and finally, we will comment on the results of the IST testing.

IST Testing Aismalibar HTC 3.2w High Tg Thermal Conductive Material

To confirm that the Aismalibar High Tg (180 °C), thermal conductive (3.2 w/mc), multilayer material system would pass the rigorous automotive thermal cycling test, we choose the proven IST thermal testing methodology.

Two of our trusted customer partners apported their great collaboration to the test.

American Standard Circuits manufactured the thermal conductive multilayer test panels.

PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc. performed the thermal cycling testing.

IST Testing Aismalibar Thermal Multilayer Material - Details

The IST system automatically sequences a constant DC current through the designed PWB interconnect test coupon, providing the thermal cycling of the samples.

The rise in temperature of the circuits is from:

· 25°C to 150°C for reliability testing

or an upper temperature of

· 230°C to 260°C for simulating assembly stress.

At the specified temperature, the system turns off the current and cooling begins.

Then, after a 3-minute heating cycle, the coupons are forced air cooled for 2 minutes which represents one cycle.

Also, the specified upper temperature for reliability testing is just below the glass transition temperature of the base material.

IST Testing Aismalibar Thermal Multilayer Material - Procedure

During each thermal excursion, the system continuously monitors the minute resistance changes in the PTH, blind, buried and micro-via or inner layer to barrel (post) interconnects.

Due to the temperature of the interconnect cycles, the resistance values of the interconnect, traces, pads, and hole barrels will also change.

The IST system measures resistance changes to signify when the PCB reaches the point of interconnect degradation or failure.

IST Testing Aismalibar Thermal Multilayer Material - Results

Firstly, it is important to mention that typical multilayers will survive between 200 to 500 thermal cycles.

This being said, the Aismalibar High Tg, thermal conductive, multilayer material system survived the required 1000 cycles. This with no noticeable degradation.

To go on with the results explanation, the first test coupons were stressed with 3 pre-condition cycles at 245°C and 300°C thermal cycles at 150°C.

The 350-cycle testing passed with no degradation.

Moreover, to stress the coupons to the maximum, trying to force failures, a second more severe test called for 9 times preconditioning at 300°C.

After 3, 6 and 9 pre-conditioning cycles we took capacitance readings to check for delamination.

After analyzing IST Testing for the Aismalibar Thermal Multilayer, we can confirm our first statement.

In fact, we can proudly state that the coupons easily passed 1000 cycles. 

Finally, this shows the superiority of the Aismalibar high HT 3.2 w/mc multilayer lamination system.

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