Aismalibar's new range of Thermal Interface Material (TIM).

If you are going to visit Productronica, come and discover Aismalibar's new range of Thermal Interface Material (TIM).

Aismalibar has developed a family of Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) for a wide area of electronic application fields, dividing it into two main areas differentiated from each other by the need, or not, to have dielectric capacity.

The dielectric requirement of a TIM is determined by the electronic device, its operating voltage, and the applicable regulations regarding ground insulation.

Aismalibar has additionally developed a series of applicable surfaces on our TIMs differentiated by whether or not they need to be self-adhesive. Both surfaces serve, in turn, to reduce the air cavities that exist between the surfaces of the TIMs and the heatsinks or electronic components.

The new TIMS developed by Aismalibar dissipate and improve the transfer of heat out of electronics devices. A clean, fast and efficient thermal interface material used to solve interface in between MPCB / Power Components and heat sinks, improving dielectric isolation and fast thermal transmission.

Electronic developments increasingly need to improve thermal dissipation and maintain good dielectric strength.

Depending on your electronic design and the features you are looking for in your PCB, as well as the type of components and the production process you are going to use, you can choose between the various constructions that we offer, where we combine our range of TIMs to adapt to your needs.

Our team will explain to you the full potential of these new products and their application formats in various PCB constructions.