Aismalibar generates solar energy for self-support

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The photovoltaic panels installed in the Barcelona plant provide a third of the energy necessary for the operation of the factory. With this installation Aismalibar shows its commitment to the planet.

Aismalibar is still committed to innovation and not only in terms of thermal management, but has also taken a step forward in terms of environmental sustainability. By installing photovoltaic panels on the roof of its Barcelona plant, the company collects solar radiation and transforms it into other forms of energy such as electricity.

Green energy is a priority for Aismalibar and this installation allows the company to generate sustainable power for self-consumption. To date, this generated force represents one third of the energy necessary for the operation of the factory.

According to the data of the Solar Energy Institute of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, at the end of 2017 in Spain, 4.5 GW of photovoltaic were installed, placing the country in the 10th position worldwide. The same year, photovoltaic energy accounted for 3.1% of national electricity demand, so we are still talking about a residual presence of this type of energy in the Spanish scenario.

A bet for the present

The investment in sustainable energy is in fact a commitment not to compromise the needs of future generations, but the global alarm in terms of environmental pollution or thaw, require a firm commitment to improve the production processes of industries.

The response to this situation is not limited to the Aismalibar plant, but the Benmayor Group has other companies linked to sectors such as health or the automotive industry and totals more than 1 MW of photovoltaic installations. The data collected indicate that with self-generated green energy, the Benmayor Group covers more than 50% of the electricity consumption of its production plants.