Aismalibar will attend the VII International Baekeland Symposium in Tarragona

The VII International Baekeland Symposium will feature the participation of Vicens Muns, head of the Aismalibar R&D area. The conference will revolve around the influence of novolac resins on PCB industry laminates.

The seventh edition of the Baekeland International Symposium, an event aimed at collaboration between academia and industry, will take place in Tarragona from October 15 to 18.

The event will focus on reviewing the latest scientific, technical and industrial developments in the field of high-performance thermosetting polymers. Similarly, their applications were discussed from the point of view of R&D.

Aismalibar will have a prominent presence in this symposium thanks to the participation of Vicens Muns, responsible for the company's R&D area. Muns will present a paper entitled "Novolac resins and their influence on the final behavior of laminates in the PCB industry".

Novolocas are a set of thermoplastic linear chain resins, formed by the fusion of phenols with formaldehydes. Among many of its uses are used in the manufacture of varnishes and electrical insulators.

In addition to Aismalibar's presentation, the symposium has a program loaded with interesting content for both the industrial and academic sectors. During the days that last the event, it deals with topics such as: the chemistry of thermostable materials; micro and nanostructured thermosets; theory, modeling and simulation; thermosets with improved capabilities; and new curing processes, among others.