AISMALIBAR NORTH AMERICA to exhibit at Strategies in Light in San Diego, CA.

AISMALIBAR is happy to announce their exhibit at the Strategies in Light trade show in San Diego, CA on February 11 - 13, 2020. Strategies in Light is the leading LED and lighting event in North America and Aismalibar North America encourages all to come see their cutting edge thermal management solutions.

The event is commited to cover every aspect of lighting to provide a 360-degree view of the market. Strategies in Light offers a platform where professionals can learn, collaborate, and connect face-to-face. More than 200 exhibitors will showcase the latest products, technologies and services.

AISMALIBAR will be showcasing their newest technology, the COBRITHERM ULTRATHIN 4W – TG180ºC – 150ºC MOT. An Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) based on an aluminum cladding with an ED copper sheet on the opposite side, containing an innovative 35m ultra-thin polymer-ceramic dielectric layer of its own formulation, offering industry-leading thermal conductivity and high dielectric strength. It also offers strong MOT, High Tg and Low CTE values, which are the key elements for performance of the MPCB operating at high temperatures.

In addition AISMALIBAR will be featuring THIN LAM HTC 3,2W - Tg180°C - Td 420°C - Low CTE. By using THIN LAM you can easily reduce the temperature of your board allowing you to increase the power or the processor clock speed to obtain better performance on the same electronic design. FR4 PCBs with high density of thermal vias can be replaced by a standard double side PCBs constructed with THIN LAM without the needs of thermal vias.

Finally, AISMALIBAR will also showcase the BOND SHEET PRE PREG 3,2W - Tg180ºC - Low CTE. AISMALIBAR’s high thermal BOND SHEET (Thermal Pre Preg) can be used for different applications on multilayer PCB and MPCB industry. By using BOND SHEET, dielectric layers become thermally conductive and are ideal to release heat from the electronic components located on the functional copper sideways and to the heatsink.