Aismalibar invests in new manufacturing technologies and updates its plant in Barcelona.

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The company is committed to the modernization of manufacturing machinery with the aim of offering a high quality product and service, with the guarantees of a higher level production process.

Aismalibar prioritizes innovation and thus has recently added new machinery in its factory. One notable type of machinery is the new Schelling saw, which allows an unmatched cut in terms of precision and provides flexibility in terms of formats and type of materials.

The treatment of the plates is an important point in the manufacturing circuit of Aismalibar. Therefore, the company is committed to Schelling technology, which is equipped with automatic loading, and avoids the damage caused by manual loads. Schelling is the most valued brand in the market because it combines design, solidity, sophistication, precision and durability.

Shelling products are of the highest quality, based on decades of experience in innovation as well as meticulous construction. The result is the production of daily use machines suitable for hard conditions of use, with perfect cutting results.

Another novelty that Aismalibar has incorporated is the use of the Somerra automatic laminator, which applies a film protector online automatically. This film allows the base materials, constructed with aluminum and copper, to be protected from moisture, stains and marks, obtaining the necessary quality to produce a product with guarantees.

The model utilized by Aismalibar is the TX series. This model incorporates the latest technology developed by Somerra, where an automatic panel is integrated that is capable of cutting the film by the edge with greater precision.

A new surface treatment center has also been integrated, which allows a preliminary preparation of the aluminum and copper plates through a mechanical and chemical process.

This new technology has to do with the greater flexibility in the production process and offers a wide range of possibilities in surface finishes to adapt them to the needs of each industry.

100% guaranteed quality

Aismalibar stands out from other manufacturers in this sector because it carries out a quality test (hi-pot/proof) to 100% of its production of Cobritherm IMS laminates.

The new robotic cell that the company has installed in the plant has allowed to automate an important part of the process, in which all the plates have been exposed in a Proof Test.

In this test, the plates are exposed to an electric charge of 1,000V and 3,000V that includes the insulation of the dielectric layer and ensures that any problem will be detected before serving the material to customers.

This new acquisition is a firm commitment to innovation and the development of a manufacturing process that raises the quality of the product and has 20 years of experience in the production of IMS laminates (Metal CCL) for the manufacture of PCB and MPCB.

Aismalibar's solutions are used in different industrial sectors where excellent thermal management of electronic components is required, such as automotive, LED lighting, power electronics, renewable energies, telecommunications, household appliances, etc.